Remote instructions are now offered by Alexander Legal Services in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. We prefer to meet clients face to face as it allows us to develop a professional relationship with clients and we also understand that many clients like to put a face to the person they’re dealing with, especially when we draft important legal documents on your behalf.

However, we appreciate that some clients will not want to meet in person or may be unable to meet in person. The need for remote instructions began with COVID-19 but we know it is a service that many clients will find useful, with or without an outbreak – for example, for clients who do not live local. The following is a guide for how we will carry out your instruction without meeting with you and also what we expect from clients to help us do our job:

Appointments can be carried out via telephone, Skype, WhatsApp, email or a combination of these methods. Contact us to book an appointment and the following will happen:

Step One

An information pack will be sent out. Please read the information sheets contained in the pack.

Step Two

During our appointment, please have the Will Questionnaire (the document marked ‘A’) and/or LPA Questionnaire (marked 'B') ready, along with a pen so you can fill it in during the appointment.

Step Three

During the appointment, we will go through each service you require and will complete the necessary questionnaire. Questions are of course welcome and encouraged so please ask away.

Step Four

Once completed, please sign the questionnaire(s).

Step Five

Please sign the final page of the Terms of Business (marked ‘C’).

Step Six

Please use the stamped addressed envelope provided and enclose the following documents:

  • Document A;
  • Document B;
  • Document C; and
  • Copies of your ID.

Step Seven

Please post the envelope back to us, after which we will prepare a draft of your documents.