Our owner, Shaun Alexander has recently accepted the position of Associate Lecturer at Northumbria University. Shaun will provide flexible support to the Law School, assisting with the teaching and assessing of students on the M Law Exempting course; specifically in Wills & Probate and then later in the year teaching Solicitors' Accounts. 

Northumbria's M Law Exempting course is a pioneering course which combines the academic Qualifying Law Degree, with elements of the Legal Practice Course - a course which teaches students the practical skills that all lawyers need to achieve. 

This is an exciting opportunity which will see Shaun teaching future lawyers on the same course he graduated from in 2014 and highlights the firm's speciality in wills and probate, as well as Shaun's growing reputation in this area of law. 

For further information on the M Law Exempting course visit the Northumbria Law School website by clicking here.