We are now working in partnership with Golden Charter. Over 500,000 people across the UK have already planned their funerals through Golden Charter, making them one of the nation's leading providers.

Who is Golden Charter?

Golden Charter is owned by the widest network of independent funeral directors, making them one of the UK’s leading providers. They are also one of the most trusted providers, with all funeral funds being kept securely in the Golden Charter Trust, which is currently valued at £936m. Golden Charter is actually one of the only providers in the UK who could pay for all of their customers funerals immediately, if necessary.

Why get a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

The cost of funerals is rising and the average is expected to rise to £6,220 by 2022 and £11,196 by 203. It is possible to avoid these rising costs by purchasing a funeral fixed at today’s prices. Funeral plans also include an allowance towards disbursements, these are additional costs which cannot be controlled by the funeral director, such as ministers’ fees and crematorium costs. Golden Charter pay up to £1,100 towards disbursements, despite the average funeral only costing £700 in disbursements, meaning your family will be adequately covered for any unexpected costs.

The Process

If you are interested in purchasing a funeral plan, Alexander Wills will provide you with the necessary brochures and paperwork. During our appointment, we will go through the different plans with you and help you pick the one best for your circumstances and budget. Once you decide which plan, we will complete the paperwork for you and send it to Golden Charter, along with your payment (if paying in full or your deposit if you are paying monthly).

Golden Charter will then process your application and appoint a local funeral director for you. You will then be sent confirmation of your director so you can finalise your funeral plan (such as picking the route for the hearse and preparing orders of service). We will be on hand to guide you throughout each stage until your funeral is fully planned. 

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Article date: 9 August 2018.