Online Instructions (Wills Only)

If you wish to instruct us to draft your will without booking a face to face or telephone appointment then the following questionnaire can be used. We do still need to carry out our usual procedures to make sure we comply with the necessary regulatory requirements and will need to send a verification form to you via post or email which will confirm the identity of the person making the will.

The online questionnaire is only appropriate for standard Single or Mirror Wills (see our page on Wills for more information), which is what most clients will need, but if you require a different type of will, such as a Trust Will (see our page on Trust Wills for more information), then an appointment would be necessary, though you can still complete the questionnaire as it will still provide the basis for the will. Please let us know when you submit the questionnaire if you require a Trust Will.

For Mirror Wills although the answers will no doubt be very similar we require both clients to complete a questionnaire each

Please complete all relevant fields, especially those marked with a '*'. Skipping fields will effect our ability to carry out your instructions and will delay the drafting process. 

For anyone named in your will, we need their full names, addresses and their relation to you.

The executor is the person who is responsible for carrying out your wishes under the will. Typically, a husband and wife / partners will name each other as the primary executor, with any adult children as substitutes. Clients also often name close relatives or friends as executors.

One substitute is usually enough but the more substitutes you name, the less chance there is that you will need to update your will if any of the executors pass away before you. If you are naming your sons / daughters as substitutes then we often advise clients to name them all, unless there is a stand out person who you think will be the most appropriate.

You can also name a professional to act as executor and can name Alexander Legal Services, or another professional such as your accountant or financial adviser if you wish.

For all executors, please include their full name, address and their relationship to you.

If you have children under the age of 18, should you and their other parent die, who would you like to care for them? Please include their full name, address and their relationship to you.

Like with the executor section, you can include back up options, should your original guardians predecease you or are unable to act.

Gifts of Personal Possessions (objects etc)
Do you want to give all or some of your personal possessions to a particular person or group of people? Examples include some of the following: ‘all of my jewellery to be divided between my surviving children’ or ‘my watch to my son, should he survive me’. Please list  any specific gifts you wish to leave to people (including their names and addresses).

Gifts of Money
Do you want to make any cash gifts? If so, please list the amounts you wish to leave and the names and addresses of the chosen recipients.

Gifts to Charity
Your beneficiaries may be able to claim a 10% reduction in inheritance tax if you give 10% or more of your estate to charity.

Gift of the Residuary Estate
Your residuary estate is what is left after all of the other gifts, tax, funeral and administrative expenses are paid. Who do you want to inherit what is left? For example, you can leave everything to your surviving spouse / partner and if they die before you, you can divide it between any surviving children. Please provide the names and addresses of any recipients.

Default Gift of the Residuary Estate
Who would you like to name as default beneficiary if your original beneficiaries pass away before you? Some clients who have already named their spouse / partner and children like to name their grandchildren in this part. Others may leave everything to charity or other named beneficiaries.

Life Insurance 
If you have a mortgage then we strongly advise you to also have life insurance to cover the mortgage. If you do not have life insurance in place then we can arrange for cover to be set up for you.

Pets can be included in wills, either as a beneficiary or to confirm who you wish to care for them, should they still be alive at your death.

Estimated Value of your Estate
We ask for this to determine whether you need any advice relating to Inheritance Tax (IHT). Currently, everyone gets to gift up to £325,000 without any tax being due. This amount is per person and further reliefs are available for gifting the family home and for agricultural relief. If you are over the IHT threshold then you may wish to consider methods available to reduce the value of your Estate.

Private Pensions
Private pensions usually require you to nominate a beneficiary when you set them up. This means they will pass regardless of the terms of your will and your will cannot change who they go to. You should review your pension to make sure you are happy with who will receive it when you pass away. For example, you may have set it up before meeting your current spouse / partner and may therefore have your parents named as beneficiary.