Alexander Legal Services works with the SWW Trust Corporation to offer clients Probate services. 

What is Probate?

A Grant of Probate is an order of the Court providing legal authority to the Executors/Personal Representatives to deal with and administer a deceased person’s estate.

The responsibility for probate lies with the executors of a Will who often appoint a professional company, such as the SWW Trust Corporation, to take away the responsibility and deal with the probate and administration of the estate on their behalf. Probate is still required when there is no Will although the process is known as Administration.

As part of the Probate service, the SWW Trust Corporation will:

  • Take on all the responsibilities of the executors
  • Assume all the potential liabilities from the executors 
  • Value and collect in all the assets 
  • Apply to the Court for Probate
  • Handle the sale of any properties
  • Distribute all the assets 
  • Pay the Income & Inheritance Tax 
  • Produce Estate Accounts

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